The department of Pediatric Radiology of Boston Children’s Hospital

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The department of Pediatric Radiology of Boston Children’s Hospital


The department of Pediatric Radiology of Boston Children’s Hospital provides range of services for newborns, infant, children, young adults and pregnant women. Our team of experienced professionals studies more than 200,000 images every year using the latest technologies and equipments.


Why us?

Insight-November-2009-Story-01We care for all our patients and provide high quality images and individual diagnoses. Our institution works on latest equipments that run on breakthrough technology. Pediatric Radiologist working in our institution is specialized in the field of radiology and offer best advice. Safety has always remained our primary concern while using radiation on children. We ensure risk free treatment to our patients by tailoring the equipments as per the capacity of the patient.

Our Team

Our team of experts includes Pediatric Radiologists, Neurologists, Medicine physicians, nurses and child specialists. The team is led by Chief Radiologist Richard Robertson.

Our Services

  1. Advanced Image Analysis Laboratory which gives Radiologists and physician’s freedom to maximize utilization of data obtained from CT MRI and other exams. The Three dimensional model used in our facility helps in improved diagnoses and treatment.
  2. We offer high quality CT and CAT scans for children to give them most accurate diagnoses. Within seconds after CT scan our experts are provided with the detailed information about the body of the patient.
  3. Our institution also offers Radiography and Fluroscopy which uses X-rays to give real time images of the body. These images help in understanding the illness or injury sustained by the body.
  4. artis_zeego_overview_broad_coverage-00040728-10Interventional Radiology helps in treating diseases without performing any surgeries. Interventional Radiologists present in our team ensure less risk, less pain and faster recovery. The process is also performed as an alternative to surgery for serious problems such as blood clots and kidney abnormalities.
  5. MRI facility in Boston Children’s Hospital uses ionizing radiation instead of strong magnets resulting in detailed 2D and 3D images of a given body organ.
  6. Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. The radio-pharmaceuticals are detected by special cameras. This process can also help in treatment of other types of disease in the body such as cancer.
  7. Sonography performed by our experts lets us take a look inside the body without using any radiation.

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More than 30000 sonography exams are conducted by our institution every year. Fellowship and Residencies The department of Pediatric Radiology is one of the oldest and largest group of pediatric imaging specialists. Every year more than two hundred thousand imaging studies is being performed by our experts using latest technology and equipments. Our team features certified Radiologists, Neuroradiologists graduated from Harvard Medical School.

The fellowship program offers more experience in Pediatric Radiology and other opportunities to work with Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health. The department of Pediatric Neuroradiology offers a number of educational programs which include Medical Student Teaching, Residency Training, and Fellowship Training. The program can accommodate up to two persons after completing ACGME- accredited pediatric radiology.

Contact Us If you are looking to book an appointment log on to our website and schedule a visit to our institution. People can also visit our satellite clinics Lexington, Peabody, Weymouth and Waltham.

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